Application FAQs

*Updated September 2011

Who can apply?

Anyone who makes art, games, video, editions, or collections of fiction, poetry and/or non-fiction. We are seeking makers of affordable, thought-provoking goods and independent publishers who are looking to connect with buyers. If you make it, and it’s limited edition— apply! If you’re still not sure if you should apply, email

Do I have to sell something to participate?

No. If you have a performance, installation, or body of artwork that you think fits into the Arcades Project, then we would like to hear about it.

Is this a craft fair?

It’s not a craft fair or an anti-fair. We are introducing idea-makers to Ithaca’s shopping market.

What types of installations, performances, or videos are you considering?

We are looking for artworks that are new to our audience, push the boundaries of interaction, and question the idea of a luxury object. Selected artworks will be integrated into the event and are important part of the experience. Email the curators if you have questions about whether your idea/work is appropriate.

Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, if the proposals are unique. For example, a publisher would like to propose a performance and a series of new books for sale.

Who is accepted?

Everyone who fills out an application will be considered for the current Arcades Project. It is a curated event with limited space, so we regret that not all applications will be accepted. Selections are made by the organizing committee based on the uniqueness of your product, the quality of your work samples, the aesthetic success of your display design, and completeness of your statement/business description.

What we will provide?

Marketing, refreshments, tables, press exposure, internet exposure, an engaged audience, and encouragement.

Is lodging available Friday night?

We will make our best effort to help each out of town artists secure lodging in Ithaca Friday night. This is usually in the house of one of our supporters.

Can I help promote the Arcades Project?

Yes! We welcome any help you’d be willing to give. We are a small operation and it takes a lot to get the word out. Contact us if you’re willing to distribute posters or want logos to promote the event on your website.

Do I have to charge tax?

Yes, for more information please see the New York State sales tax site.

Does the Arcades Project take a percentage of vendors’ sales?

If you are selling objects, the one time participation fee is the only money you will pay to the Arcades Project.



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