Arcades Project Installation by Gokey

Thomas Gokey is bringing his DIY pirate printing press to Arcades Project. Come learn how to create beautiful hand-bound books from PDFs on Gokey is a visual artist based in Syracuse who teaches at Syracuse University. He has an MFA from the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently a student at the European Graduate School.

We first saw Gokey’s work at the Everson Biennial, where the curator selected three of his  installations. Gokey’s piece $49,983 (pictured below) is literally this amount of money, the amount rendered in exchange for an MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago, pulped into four sheets of paper and for sale by the square inch. Gokey’s work takes all different forms and may sometimes appear more like a science project or paranormal research. Whether his art is in a gallery or on a wiki, you can expect a fresh perspective and provocative conversation on economics, capitalism, and education.

Image (above): Logo for GutenbAAAAARG, provided by the artist

Image (below): $49,983 from the artist’s website


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