Paintings by Paul Chambers at Arcades Project

Image: Inside Chambers’ Studio by K. Brumund

Arcades Project is pleased to be featuring a collection of paintings by Paul Chambers, known for his provocative abstract conceptual landscape paintings related to his concern for lasting international peace.  Recurring subjects include Advanced Russian Indian Ocean Initiative; Monday Human Sabbath; as well as a series of works containing a proposed solution, a road map, to peace in the Middle East, which can be seen on his website at

Referencing Toulouse-Lautrec, Larry Rivers and Tristan Tzara, Chambers explores the manner in which language can function like an object, or a color, where the way it appears on the page is not only as important as the content, it is the content. Reminiscent of a Dada experimentation with the poetic potential of typography which took the form of particular shapes and could only be grasped when viewed on a page, Chambers also explores how the concrete shape of the text can exist as a formal compositional element, with text, numbers, and symbols functioning as key contributors to the ‘gestalt effect’ of the image. Viewed within this context, the word does not attach to its meaning, but becomes a signifier of the time space continuum, like clouds shifting, as the idea comes in and out of the moment, in and out of view, in and out of life.


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