For Sale at Arcades Project: Alphabet of Alphabets

“If I live long enough, one day there will be a whole alphabet of alphabets,” says Arcades Project bookmaker and vendor Elizabeth Whitehouse, whose one-square-inch hand-sewn books explore the implications of individual letters. Each letter offers a suggested instruction, and each book is 64 pages, sewn in four sections, bound with a gray cloth cover, and covered with a printed book jacket. Born and raised in South Africa, Elizabeth came to Corning with her husband and three children in 1984 after ten years in Europe. Primarily a book binder, restorer, author, and dealer, Elizabeth says she has long been “on the shadowy fringes of the art world where craftspeople reside,” with creative endeavors that include writing, knitting, crochet, needlework, book illustration, papermaking, printmaking and miniatures. On May 6, visitors can meet Elizabeth and browse and buy her books at Arcades Project.

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