Ben Altman’s Interactive Scarves Installation

Ben Altman will be joining Arcades Project on December 2nd to display his exquisite collection of photographs taken in various marketplaces in Europe. Altman, a native of England, dabbled in many fields before discovering photography. Now his photographs are best known for their overlapping panoramic scenes that present an abundance of culture and chaos in one sweeping view. His eagerness to challenge the constraints of a single frame with a toy camera has turned his art into something that represents politics, community and above all, an interactive experiences for the viewers. Altman’s ability to capture vivid cultural images that juxtapose each other as the eye moves along the photograph has inspired him to turn his work into something more sculptural that demands an audience’s attention and participation.

At this installment of Arcades Project, Altman will be featuring a collection of silk scarves decorated with colored or black and white photographs of street markets and merchandise from several countries in Europe.  In the spirit of Arcades Project, attendants will be given the opportunity to purchase the scarves as framed art, as an article clothing or as a potential trading experience with others that will extend past this event. Below is a video from one of Altman’s previous events in Ithaca. His self declared love for “rigging, home-made contraptions, self-imposed difficulties, and over-thinking” led to this artistic display of photographs from weddings, going-away parties, graduations and funerals. Visitors could pull on a rope that caused the pieces of the installation to move about the wall, thus creating an interactive and unique experience for all participants.

*video from artist’s website

*photo (above) from artist’s website


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