A New Gaming Experience at Arcades Project

Buffalo based Alexander Derwick will be joining Arcades Project tomorrow with one of the most interactive installments yet. Visitors will be given the opportunity to strap on one of Derwick’s unique “cartridge” holders assembled from pieces of wood and a backpack to participate in The Domestic Animal Entertainment System. Gamers will be able to choose from a series of activities including Derwick’s very own Graffiti the Gallery. The project allows for an innovative experience where it is possible to interact with the artistic fantasies Derwick has created while never actually leaving the room.

In addition to DAES, Derwick is well known for his for printmaking, drawings and larger public displays of artwork. He serves as the leader in a group of artists called Hug Me Violently as they generate shirts and posters containing many pieces of the thought-provoking artwork. The group also creates zines with collections of drawings that are motivated with a centralized theme Derwick came up with himself. Zines, shirts and  posters will be for sale at Arcades Project.


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