Sustainable Trinkets

Joining the Arcades vendors will be Lily Gershon, a self-defined tinkerer and toy-maker who works with mostly reclaimed and recycled materials to make experimental art objects. Her creations include puppets, jack-in-the-boxes and paper crafts. At Arcades, expect to find puppets of imaginative delight, and hand-made trinkets made out of sustainable products. The art objects challenge the way materials are socially consumed, giving a playful and charming spin to the do-it-yourself aspect of sustainability.

In addition to creating artful and sustainable toys, Gershon is also part of an educational homestead called the Dacha Project. The Dacha Project dedicates itself to exploring DIY possibilities for art and sustainable systems. The project is a collective of 6 members currently in the process of creating an environmentally sustainable house and home together. The members said they aspire to be “off the grid” and to use no propane or natural gas.

“Jack-in-the-Box – A Cork Project,” 2012

“Jack-in-the-Box – A Cork Project,” 2012


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