Overlapping the Presence of the Body

Rachel Ferro of Floralia Films explores the intimate and abstract nature of narratives. Her Arcades Project display will incorporate narratives played in a continuous loop of experimental film, and the films will be set-up in a 1-peron “movie theater” made for an individual viewer. Her visual narratives blend images in experimental ways, overlapping the presence of the body with natural scenes. Arcades attendees will experience being enclosed in the abstract world of Ferro’s visual imaginings. In a four-sided space made of heavy velvet, Ferro will present the vivid abstractions of moving image, with striking color and overlap of scene.

Ferro is currently working on a film Translate that focuses on gender variances and queer issues in American society. Its introduction can be viewed on her website, http://www.rachelferro.com, along with her other projects and experimental films.

Rachel Ferro, film still

Rachel Ferro, film still


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